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UART Rad Logger

“Radiation Logger” - Windows freeware open source application that intended to display real-time doserate and CPM data flow from a DIY Geiger Counter connected through UART. The software can save logging files on your computer or upload CPM data to online Radiation Monitoring servers.

MyGeiger ver.3 PRO has built-in USB support and it allows you to connect with USB cable directly. All other kits require a USB-TTL module.

Logs files created in *.csv format and it used for graphs plotting later. Since 1.4 version application also support logging to and logging to

Connection settings are configurable that make this software universal and allow other similar hardware to be used. If you build your own dosimeter just configure your MCU to send CPM string value via UART. Logging period time between the data transmissions from hardware to software can be any, from 1 second to several minutes! 





How to configure Radiation Logger:

Radiation Logger it's very easy to set-up application.

Before you run the logger, check if your USB-TTL adapter appears correctly in Windows device manager.


For all kits, except MyGeiger, you need to connect 4 wires: RX -> TX; TX -> RX; 5V -> 5V; GND -> GND. MyGeiger needs only mini-USB cable connection without the wires mess.

Open Radiation Logger application and navigate File -> Settings . Press "Get Available Ports" and select the same COM port number where your device is connected. Speed settings can be different for Arduino counters, that's why refer kit documentation to select right parameters. Press "Test Connection" and if the hardware was linked correctly then during 5-10 seconds you will get connection confirmation. Press "Save and Close" to close settings menu.

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