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MCA Terminal

DOWNLOAD MCA Terminal 24/04/2020

DOWNLOAD MCA Terminal 05/04/2020 (first release)


MCA Terminal is a calibration terminal software for MCA ver.3 Multi Channel Analyzer. The software will allow you to perform channel to energy calibration of the unit, visually estimate calibration function linearity, download and view CSV data files from the unit memory, make quick erase of the entire data storage, export spectrum screenshots and send any custom command to the unit.

The software version 24/04/20 includes live spectrum uploading with high baudrate speed. It allows to use the MCA Terminal with any hardware MCA that can send a spectrum thorough USB-UART in a compatible protocol. The protocol for sending the spectrum from hardware to computer is very simple. MCA Terminal was tested with 1023-4095 channels and standard 115200 baudrate. You can set your MCA parameters in config.xml file. For more details about communication protocol please refer uart_commands_for_live_data.txt 


The software require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed on your computer.

To use the MCA Terminal with MCA v.3 hardware I suggest to update the firmware to the latest version 3.5 or better. 

If your unit run on old firmware and has only linearization function then you still can use the MCA Terminal by sending calibration points data manually. 

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