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MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Radiometer Gamma Ratemeter with LCD and USB logging w/o GM Tube

MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Radiometer Gamma Ratemeter with LCD and USB logging


MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Radiometer Gamma Ratemeter with LCD and USB logging.

The third edition of MyGeiger DIY Geiger Counter Kit. MyGeiger ver.3.00 PRO is intended for measuring gamma radiation dose rate and for precision average CPS counting. The device was build for enthusiasts, a physics students, teachers and researchers engages in radiation study. It fit hobby projects as well as environment or laboratory test. The kit is compatible with wide range of Geiger tubes; it has flexible options for calibration that allows you to adjust your counter for different GM tubes.

The kit has re-designed efficient high voltage with enlarged output power, faster microprocessor with updated and enhanced software, USB CPM / CPS logging, faster lithium charger, reduced power consumption and comfortable controls. Now it got the ability to operate in radiation field higher than 1500uSv/h.


Technical specifications:

  • High Voltage: 420V or 500V with stabilization
  • High Voltage output current 50uA at 500V
  • High Voltage is independent from microprocessor, but can be switched ON/OFF by software
  • Geiger Tube PCB compatibility: SBM-20 or STS-5
  • Geiger Tube Wire connection compatibility: LND-712, LND-7317, SBT-9, SI-29BG and more
  • 128x64 High Quality Graphic LCD with Shield PCB
  • Calibration Menu
  • Gamma Radiation Dose Rate Display range: 0.01 uSv/h – 9.99 mSv/h
  • Gamma Radiation Dose Rate with SBM-20: 0.05uSv/h – 1500 uSv/h
  • Gamma Conversion Factor calibration 0.7 – 9.0 CPS for 1uSv/h
  • DER updating period on LCD: 1 second
  • DER full measurement period: 60 seconds
  • CPS Ratemeter Counter Mode for external scintillation probe
  • Average CPS mode for precision sample testing
  • Sample time for precision measuring
  • Average CPS: 5-60 minutes
  • Dead time correction option: 10uS - 250uS, set zero for disable
  • Audible Alert function with adjustable threshold: from 1uSv/h to 200uSv/h
  • Built in USB port for logging CPM or CPS
  • Adjustable USB port UART speed for logging software 2400-9600 baud
  • Mute / Backlight / Menu control with comfortable big buttons
  • Battery Indicator and USB detection
  • Built in USB charger with overcharge protection for 3.7V lithium battery
  • Recommended battery type: 3.7V lipo with capacity >300mAh
  • Battery quiescent current consumption at background: 2.5mA
  • Battery current consumption in sleep mode: less than 0.2mA
  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V – 5V
  • Sleep function, option to use external mechanical ON/OFF switch if required
  • Auto power OFF option after 10 minutes - 4 hours, set zero to disable
  • Quality soldered PCB with modern SMD components, the kit is assembled
  • Dimensions: 51mm x 130mm x 32mm
  • UPC Number: 634154871188
  • SKU Number: RH-K-GK-PRO


We introduce the newest edition of MyGeiger DIY Geiger Counter kit. Version 3 was designed for high count rate applications where you need counter stability,  performance on HV voltage output and software options to make precision measurements of radiation samples. 


MyGeiger ratemeter sold without a Geiger tube and without lithium battery. You can add a stock  SBM-20 or STS-5 to your purchase.


The device has two working modes: Gamma Dose Rate Meter and Average CPS counter.

Gamma Dose Ratemeter: the default Radiometer working mode is starting when power is applied. The software will calculate the ambient gamma radiation dose rate DER in uSv/h or mSv/h units. New measurement cycle initialized when radiation level changed rapidly. For better accuracy of the measurements please wait until estimation symbol will disappear from the LCD. 

The software has option for dose rate correction based on tube dead time settings. The correction is noticeable only on very high count rate. You can disable that function in menu if the correction is not required.

Average CPS Counter: average CPS counter mode is intended for precision calculation of counts per second rate from radioactive samples, checking surface contamination and working with externally connected scintillation probes. You can set desired averaging period in calibration menu.

USB Logging: The device has built-in USB for logging. The USB port has adjustable UART speed. You can log to computer CPM (counts per minute) or CPS (counts per second). Please check and download our freeware COM port terminal software "Radiation Logger" for CPM logging and online monitoring.

Geiger Tube compatibility: The counter electronics and software is compatible with many popular GM tubes, such as 400V and 500V tubes. You can use SBM-20, STS-5, Gamma 7C, Beta-1 and Beta-2, LND-712, LND-7317, SBT-9, SBT-11, SI29BG, Vacutec 70019A and more.

Comfortable Buttons: MyGeiger 3 is designed with 2 comfortable big tact switches for controlling the software, toggling LCD backlight and mute beeper function.




DOWNLOAD Enclosure Project for 3D Printer from Marc

Step PCB Model (if you want to make your own 3D enclosure)


Default package include:

1 pcs of soldered SMD assembled MyGeiger board with LCD without GM tube

1 pcs of heat shrink tube for SBM-20 isolation

1 pcs of the JST lipo connector with correct polarity


External GM and Scintillation probes: the software is supporting externally connected GM drivers or scintillation modules. If you need scintillation counter module driver please contact us for the inquiry. We have GM tube drivers with TTL digitized output for long cable probe, please check following items:

UPC Number: 635292807381

UPC Number: 635292807428

  • Calibration Menu:

    Simple system menu will allow you to setup your ratemeter easily. The menu has following functions:

    SET CONVERSION: can be set from 0.7 – 9.0 CPS to 1 uSv/h. Use Geiger tube datasheet to determine the correct value for your tube. The conversion factor is usable only for Gamma radiation.

    SET ALERT LEVEL: audible alarm for gamma radiation dose rate can be set from 1 uSv/h up to 200 uSv/h

    SET DEAD TIME: can be set from 10uS up to 250uS. Please use Geiger tube datasheet or oscilloscope to determine the correct value for your tube. If the function is not required set dead time to zero.

    SET SLEEP TIMER: timer for automatically power off. Can be set from 10 minutes up to 4 hours. Set to zero to disable the function.

    SET SAMPLE TIMER: timer for Average CPS mode. Can be set from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes. Set to zero for Average CPS mode without fixed timer.

    SET UART SPEED: default and recommended is 9600 baud. You can select 2400/4800/9600

    USE EXTERNAL PROBE: Set to NO if you are using Geiger tube connected to the board. Set to YES if you are using external scintillation probe driver or external Geiger tube driver. If YES is selected then internal High Voltage block will be turned OFF and only external tube can be active. Because HV capacitors are charged during device initialization, the high voltage can still be presented on the board, be careful!

    SET DOSE RATIO: the ratio of dose rate to estimated dose rate. It defines how the software can react to dose-rate leap. Useful mostly when leap is high. The ratio can be set from 3 to 20.  Recommended value for SBM-20  is 6. 

    SET TO DEFAULT: restore all settings to default SBM-20 and reset the micro-processor

    SAVE SETTINGS: You just need to confirm you want to safe changes and exit the menu.

  • HV and power management

    High Voltage Converter: MyGeiger ver. 3 PRO high voltage output can be set with jumper for 420V or for 500V tube. The step-up converter is efficient on background and it able to supply 50uA to 500V output (10M resistive load). On ambient background radiation the HV circuit consumes from 0.1mA to 0.3mA. The HV converter is independent from microprocessor but it can be switched On/Off by software settings.

    The link to 10M resistive load test of HV converter:


    Fast lithium battery charger: the PCB has intelligent lithium charger IC with overcharging protection. You can charge battery with 5V USB wall adapter or computer. In addition, the software monitors battery level and, if it falls below 3.0V, then the software will force automatic sleep mode with lowest power consumption to prevent battery deep discharge.


    Power saving sleep mode: MyGeiger ver. 3 PRO has power saving sleep mode for Gamma Ratemeter. You can turn off the device with long pressing on left button. You also can set automatic power off timer in calibration menu.

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