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UART Spectrum Utility for MCA ver.1 

Since 1.06 firmware MCA ver.1  can be used as an UART-USB live data spectrometer. MCA just dump the spectrum data, the hardware cannot be controlled via UART commands. To use Spectrum Utility with your MCA ver.1 module you need the updated firmware and CP2102 USB-TTL module. Current version of the PC software is the beta version, you are welcome to send me an email if you see any bug.

The software require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed on your computer.


CP2102 module is wired with RX and GND pins to the MCA module as shown in the diagram. In the UART mode the button on processor pin RB6 is not active because the pin is used for the data transfer. 

To activate UART mode in the MCA module navigate to the Menu -> Mode -> UAT

To exit from UART mode press button on RB7

DOWNLOAD Spectrum Utility

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