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USB Spectrometry Adapter Driver for Hobby Gamma Spectroscopy with High Voltage and ADC

USB Spectrometry Adapter Driver High Voltage and ADC for Gamma Spectroscopy


USB card driver for Gamma Spectroscopy on computer. The board has adjustable high voltage output with positive polarity, PMT pulse amplifier and analog to digital converter that detected by Windows computer as an audio device. It's all in one module for amateur hobby gamma spectroscopy that directly compatible with Theremino MCA, BeqcMoni and PRA.


The board is complete USB electronic driver for amateur hobby gamma spectroscopy. It has build-in USB audio ADC, adjustable high voltage and adjustable pulse amplifier. It works as plug-and-play device and uses standard Windows audio drivers when plugged into PC. The device supports PMT probes with 2-wire configuration and high impedance divider of ~100 Meg.ohm. Since high voltage output is below 1KV, the module is recommended for a tube that can work on low voltage, for example R6095 or similar low voltage tube.

Pulse shape and high voltage adjustment will require for your probe, that's why it better if you can adjust your setup with an oscilloscope to set pulse shape and amplification.


  • High Voltage: 650V-900V positive polarity, stabilized and filtered. 
  • ADC USB speed: 48KHz 16Bit (MCA software may increase up to 192KHz virtually)
  • Pulse amplifier: adjustable amplification, rise and decay time
  • Compatible MCA Software: PRA, BecqMoni2011, Theremino
  • Compatible Probe: ~100 Meg.ohm 2-wire configuration for positive HV


For the lowest noise level the USB driver is suggested to be installed into aluminum box. The board made to support installation into Hammond 1455J1202BK enclosure.

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