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Positive Polarity Adjustable High Voltage Module for PMT Photomultiplier Tube

Positive Polarity Adjustable High Voltage Module for PMT Photomultiplier Tube


POSITIVE Polarity High Voltage Module for Gamma Spectroscopy & Scintillation Counter.

Low ripple and miniature Adjustable Power Supply module Positive polarity 700v-1000v. The power supply has excellent HV regulation and additional filtration for the clean HV output. The board has low quiescent current. Maximum output current on 1000V is 50uA, it's recommended to use this power supply only with high impedance PMT divider of 100 Mega ohm. This power supply can be used for DIY Spectroscopy projects or for Scintillation Probes. 


Technical Specifications:

  • Positive Polarity High Voltage stabilized output: 700V-1000V
  • Compatible with DIY Scintillation Probes
  • Input DC voltage: 5V
  • Input current consumption with 100M load at -1000V: 10mA
  • Full start time: app. 10 seconds with 100M probe load
  • Recommended load of the PMT probe divider: 80-100 Mega ohm
  • Excellent output filtartion
  • Comes with branded silicone high voltage wire
  • Supplied coated with HV varnish
  • Module diameter: ~45mm
  • Shipping Weight: 150gr


Miniature high voltage module for DIY amateur Gamma Spectrometry or Scintillation probe. The module has clean and regulated HV output for photomultiplier tube. High voltage output has POSITIVE polarity. Recommended load is 100Mega ohm divider on PMT. PCB diameter is only 45mm and it supplied coated with special high voltage varnish. The output wired with branded silicone wire.


Recommended to be purchased with our special PMT diivider PCB DIY kit for negative polarity setup. Fits photomutplier tubes like Hamamatsu R6095, R6094, R9420, XP3112 or similar. It also will fit perfectly vintage stock tubes from USSR like FEU-31 or FEU-35. The module is not compatible with tubes that require higher voltage than 1100V for normal operation. Please check tube datasheet for amplification factor vs high voltage.  

The module can be installed on tube inside old-style metal enclosure of your PMT probe. With our special DIY PCB divider kit it will turn your old-style PMT probe into efficient and spectroscopy ready device. 

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