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Positive Polarity Adjustable High Voltage Module for Photomultiplier Tube 150V - 1500V

Positive Polarity Adjustable High Voltage Module for Photomultiplier Tube 1500V


Adjustable HVPS DIY High Voltage Module for Photomultiplier Tube 150V - 1500V.

This power supply has positive adjustable high voltage output 150V - 1500V (under 100Meg. load) and can be used for DIY Photomultiplier Scintillators, Amateur PMT Projects or for powering Geiger tubes. The power supply is able to supply enough current even for several Geiger Tubes connected in parallel. Circuit based on TL494 IC.


Technical Specifications:

  • Positive Polarity High Voltage stabilized output: 150V-1500V
  • Compatible with DIY Scintillation Probes
  • Input DC voltage: 12V
  • Input current consumption : 15mA - 50mA
  • Output power: 0.2W
  • Recommended load of the PMT probe divider: 80-100 Mega ohm
  • Topology: Boost TL494 PWM ~60KHz (easy to filter)
  • Output RC filter included
  • Shipping Weight: 180gr


This is regulated stabilized HVPS power supply for DIY hobby projects. The module can be used to power several Geiger tubes or PMT tube in gamma scintillation project. The HV adjustment done with potentiometer in range of 150V upto 1500V positive polarity.Input voltage 12V DC 50mA

Circuit uses PWM high frequency conversion of ~60KHz. It easy to filter the noise because of high conversion frequency. The board of the power supply has installed RC filter to reduce noise factor. But it recommended to install the power supply into shielded metal enclosure and apply local RC filter at the point where you connect high voltage to a photomultiplier circuit. The RC filter with 100K 1% and 10nF 2KV is suggested. 

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