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DIY Kit PMT Divider PCB with Pulse Amplifier for Spectroscopy and Scintillation counter - for Negative HV

Photomultiplier Divider PCB Pulse Amplifier - for Negative HV


DIY Kit PMT Divider PCB with Pulse Amplifier for Spectroscopy and Scintillation counter.


Dual Output PMT Amplifier PCB with Dynodes Divider for Spectrometry & Scintillation - for Negative HV.

Miniature PCB of DIY Kit for Spectroscopy Scintillation Dual Output amplifier with Dynodes Divider for Photomultiplier Tube. Works only with Negative Polarity PMT wiring. The PCB has two IPX U.FL outputs. One is considered for Gamma Spectroscopy and second is intended for Scintillation counter. The board has two potentiometers for adjusting rising and decay time of a pulse and one potentiometer for fine adjusting of minimum threshold level for scintillation counter. Compatible with our MCA module.

PCB supports tubes with up to 14 dynodes. SMD 0805 soldering is required in that DIY kit. You will need to solder dynodes divider with recommended ratio for tube. Because different tubes requries different voltage ratio distribution on dynodes we not include any 0805 resistors. Please check datasheet of PMT for correct divider ratio.


Technical Specifications:

  • Supports only Negative Polarity High Voltage PMT Wiring
  • Compatible with tubes up to 14 dynodes
  • Input DC voltage for amplifier: 5V
  • Dual Output for Spectroscopy & Scintillation Counter
  • Adjustable Rise&Fall time for Spectroscopy
  • Adjustable Pulse Threshold for Scintillation Counter
  • Additional HV filtration
  • Comes with two IPX U.FL outputs
  • DIY Kit Require 0805 SMD soldering and PMT wiring
  • Dynodes resistors are not supplied
  • Module diameter: ~45mm
  • Shipping Weight: 150gr


The module uses Negative Polarity High Voltage wiring for dynodes. It mean negative polarity high voltage bias is supplied to tube cathode "K" and followed by voltage divider over dynodes. The last dynode is tied to ground through last resistor in chain. Tube anode is isolated from divider and need to be soldered to PCB pad marked as "A".

The board has everyhting you need for the initial processing of PMT signal. The first amplifier stage is rail-to-rail high bandwidth OP IC. The first output can be used for Gamma Spectroscopy. The second output is intended for Scintillation Counter project and the signal form on second output is compatible with digital counters. 

Take note, SMD 0805 soldering is required to wire divider for dynodes! 

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