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Nuclear Pioneer MCA RIID PRO Gamma Spectrometer (without probe)

Nuclear Pioneer MCA RIID PRO Gamma Spectrometer (without probe)


Nuclear Pioneer RIID PRO MCA for Gamma Spectroscopy and Scintillation Counter.

Based on Cortex-M7 microprocessor and pipelined 12bit ADC.

MCA unit only without NaI(Tl) probe.

Expected to ship within 2 weeks after the payment.


The product is limited edition of Nuclear Pioneer based on faster Cortex-M7 processor and high quality Pipelined 12-bit ADC chip. The device can make all things that our standard edition Nuclear Pioneer can do. And it can even more.


What makes it better?

  • Faster Microprocessor
  • Pipelined Low Noise 12-bit ADC 
  • Digitally controlled High Voltage Module
  • Built-in fast sampling Oscilloscope
  • Pulse shape training adaptive software


Technical specifications:

  • ARM Cortex-M7 microprocessor
  • 12-bit 4096 channels Pipelined ADC
  • TFT LCD 3.5” 480x320 with adjustable backlight level
  • 600V-1000V digitally controlled positive polarity HV module for photomultiplier (NaI(Tl) probe is not included)
  • Adjustable gain & pulse shape pre-amplifier
  • Gamma Spectrometer Mode (tested up to 20.000 CPS)
  • RIID Radioisotope Identification  with included library
  • Scintillation Counter Mode with Waterfall Histogram
  • Easy Channel to Energy calibration with selectable scheme and channels pick
  • Real time background subtract mode for gamma spectrometer
  • Real time gaussian peak detection
  • Real time activity calculation
  • Linear or Logarithmic spectrum viewer
  • Energy compensated dose rate
  • 0.30 uSv/h doserate alert and 2-sigma CPS alert in scint.mode
  • CPS standard deviation calibration for scint.mode
  • Mute / Alert / Clicking in scint.mode
  • Spectrum LCD zoom 512-4096 channels
  • Internal Micro SD card for data storage
  • RTC (utilize CR2032 battery for date and time keeping)
  • Built-in Oscilloscope
  • Temperature Sensor 
  • Bluetooth BLE module 
  • USB port for programming, calibration or data download
  • Easy firmware update via USB and friendly bootloader
  • 2000mAh 3.7V LiPo battery
  • Built-in charging circuit
  • UPC number: 634154871201





Older fimrware versions:


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