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Multi channel Analyzer MCA Scintillation Survey Meter SiPM CsI(Tl) 3 cubic cm

Multi channel Analyzer MCA Scintillation Survey Meter with tiny CsI(Tl) detector


Unique sell - Gamma Viewer MCA ver.3.60 with internally installed Photomultiplier and CsI(Tl) crystal with volume of 1.0 cm^3

  • Scintillation Crystal: 1.0 cm^3 CsI(Tl) 
  • SiPM or Photomultiplier sensor
  • 10bit 1024 Channels ADC
  • Default Energy Range for detection: 26keV-3000keV
  • Default Energy Range for spectrum: 26keV-2000keV
  • Internal Flash memory
  • Engineering Menu 
  • USB Terminal communication for spectrum data download and calibration
  • Battery: 1000mAh 3.7V USB rechargeable & replaceable
  • Recommended Maximum Count Rate for Spectra < 1000 CPS
  • Survey Meter CPS count rate <15000 CPS


Unique Sell - Assembled unit of Gamma Viewer MCA ver.3.60 and photomultiplier sensor with tiny CsI(Tl) crystal.

MCA & CPS Survey Meter for amateur prospecting and simple gamma spectrometry.

Lifetime support and communicable developer!


The device is fully assembled multi-channel analyzer unit with internally installed photomultiplier / SiPM sensor and CsI(Tl) crystal ~1cm^3. Energy resolution ~9-10% at 662keV.

The MCA can be used as a simple gamma spectrometer for the energy range of 26keV-2000keV and as a survey scintillation meter for prospecting in range of 26keV-3000keV. Due to nature of the scintillator, it has plenty gamma sensitivity and fast reaction even for the small volume of 1cm^3 compared with an average Geiger tube. That's why the device is nice portable tool for searching radioactive contamination or hunting for a vintage radium clocks.

Gamma spectrometer has very basic performance, it made just for general impression of the gamma ray spectrum. Identify RIID menu is experimental programmed for Am-241, Cs-137 and Ra-226 isotopes only. 



Detector type: CsI(Tl) 1.0 cm^3 + SiPM or Photomultiplier sensor

MCA: 10 bit ADC, 1024 channels

LCD: 128x64 blue backlight visible in daylight

Battery: 1000mAh rechargeable from USB

USB port for data download & calibration

Updated 3.60 firmware! Lifetime support and communicable developer!

Download configuration software MCA Terminal


This item is the modified MCA ver.3 with included built in scintillation sensor CsI(Tl) 1.0 cm^3. Ready to use and calibrated. You can get the firmware file and PDF user manual here:

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