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High Resolution Capacitance Meter DIY Kit

High Resolution Capacitance Meter DIY Kit (Advanced Edition) with LCD


Second Edition of Roman Black High Resolution Capacitance Meter. Required solder skill for assembling and testing. Now it has new PCB design, On/Off power switch, trimmer for calibration and easy LCD installation. The kit include LCD that can operate without backlight to improve battery life.


Technical specification:

  • Very high resolution measure: from 3 to 7 digits!
  • Wide measure range: 0pF to 50uF.
  • Can be used to measure few picofarads ceramic capacitors up to 47uF electrolytic caps.
  • Simple Calibration with a Screwdriver and Multimeter.
  • Accuracy: 1% or better.
  • Auto-zeroing, floating zero and negative capacitance (relative to zero).
  • Simple Display LCD 16x02 Installation.
  • Compact design for installing into project box or panel.
  • Supply Voltage: 8V -12V DC, Can be powered from one 9V battery.
  • Supply Current: 12mA
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Shipping Weight: 150 gr
  • UPC Number: 635346988684
  • SKU: RH-K-CM-4


This DIY electronic Kit based on Roman Black circuit and hex file for PIC16F628A. For technical explanation and discussion please visit Roman Black website


With our DIY kit you can assemble capacitance meter for your home lab. This capacitor meter can measure discharged capacitors from any type: ceramic, mylar, metal film or electrolytic. It's very performance device for reasonable price, suitable for people who like DIY electronic projects. The meter can display negative capacitance values compared to the zero point. If you zero it on a precision 1000pF cap, other 1000pF capacitors tested will read as + and - the difference, so it can be used to check capacitance error against a precision capacitor. The second advanced feature is the auto calibrate mode. If the button is held for 2 seconds the cap meter enables auto zero calibration. Then any time when there is no test cap connected (<3pF on test leads) the cap meter will slowly "trim" its zero calibration by about 0.01pF every second so that it is always correctly at zero! When in auto-calibration mode it can still be zeroed by pressing the button. To improve the accuracy and stability of the measure process we use in our project temperature stable 270pF NP0. Otherwise, if you connect test leads with crocodile clips to terminal block out, it's normal to see small capacitance drifts because the capacitance between the probes!

Calibration process can be made with a small screwdriver and multimeter: you'll need only to trim R3+P1 resistance to 10.00K

The Advanced Edition has more complicated assembly process than Beginner Edition. LCD is installed with 16 Pin Female Header and 2 Standoffs. It have onboard zero button and also you can connect external zero button. We also add protection diode to prevent wrong +- power supply connection. This version is more compact, but requires some experience in the assembly and soldering of electronic devices.




Package include:

1x Manufactured high quality PCB 81 x 47 mm

1x LCD 16x2 HD44780 compatible

1x Trimmer Potentiometer 20K Side Adjust

1x Trimmer Potentiometer 500R 3362P

4x Resistor 1K5

1x Resistor 10K

1x Resistor 3K

1x Resistor 1R

3x Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 100n 50V

2x Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 22p 50V 

1x Ceramic Capacitor NP0 270p 50V

1x Electrolytic Capacitor 470uF 16V

1x Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF 10V

1x PIC16F628A programmed with hex

1x LM7805 5V Voltage Regulator

1x 16.0000 MHz Crystal

1x DIP Socket 18 Pin

1x LED 3mm Red/Yellow/Green

1x 16 Pin Female Header

1x 16 Pin Male Header

1x Tact Switch Push Button 6x6 mm

1x Slide Switch On/Off

1x Terminal Block PCB Mount 2 position 5 mm

2x M2.5 Standoffs

4x M2.5 Screws

1x 9V Battery Clip

2x Crocodile Clips

1x 1N4004 Diode

1x Wire Black+Red for testing leads


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