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3.5mm Audio adapter Stereo to TRRS

Geiger Bot PCB Converter Adapter 3.5mm Audio to TRRS


Geiger Bot PCB Converter Adapter 3.5mm Audio to TRRS for iPhone / iPad / Smartphone.


Adapter PCB for Geiger Bot 3.5mm Audio Jack to TRRS w/attenuation.

The PCB is adapter for Geiger Bot. It helps to convert 3.5mm stereo audio jack output into 3.5mm TRRS jack. The board has adjustable signal attenuator that works as voltage divider. 

Originally the adapter comes as free addon with our Gamma-Viewer Portable Gamma Spectrometer and it also can be purchased here if you need a spare part. The adapter can be useful to connect Geiger Bot with any third side spectroscopy hardware like Gamma Spectacular, Theremino or a Geiger Counters with audio interface. 

Take note, the input jack of the PCB is not DC decoupled, so for some third side devices you need to add bypass capacitor.  


Technical Specification:

  • Input Jack: 3.5mm audio stereo
  • Output Jack: 3.5mm TRRS for Apple Device
  • Max Voltage Attenuation: 1:5
  • Compatibility: Geiger Bot application adapter
  • DC decoupling: not included
  • Usability: triggers Geiger Bot to use line-in input and turn-off internal microphone
  • PCB size: 33 x 13 mm
  • SKU: RH-A-GB-1

Adapter PCB for Geiger Bot with adjustable voltage attenuation. The board helps to connect 3.5mm stereo audio cable to TRRS Apple input. When TRRS cable is connected through this adapter then iPhone / iPad Geiger bot application will automatically switch into line input mode and will turn off microphone. The adapter is useful for different Geiger Counters or Gamma Spectrometers with audio interface to connect with Geiger Bot.

Important note: Originally this adapter was designed for our Gamma-Viewer Portable Spectrometer to help easy switch between PC computer line in signal level to Apple microphone input level. RH Electronics cannot guarantee electrical compatibility with all third side devices. You are responsible for any possible damage caused by the adapter.



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